elf is slowly becoming a favorite

Hello lovelies,

I’m the first to admit that I tend to have an expensive taste in makeup, especially high end cruelty free+vegan beauty products. Just recently I went to Walmart quick after work to pick up a set of drawers to start organizing my makeup with. While I was there I quickly browsed the makeup aisle and found a handful of elf cosmetic products that I couldn’t wait to try! I opened them all up that night and started testing….to my surprise I loved every single product I had bought!


As you can see in the picture I also picked up the new Wet n Wild photofocus foundation to see if it lives up to the reviews. I’ll briefly describe some of my favorites that I bought here and I’ll include links as well, in case you’d like to try them out for yourself. I’ll start with the lip exfoliator’s I bought the original brown sugar lip exfoliator  (pictured on the far left) and mint maniac exfoliator they retail for $3.00 and work just as good as the lush lip scrubs. I’ve found that I am quite partial to the brown sugar one but they also make 5 other ones (coconut, mint, rose, grapefruit, & cherry). The second product I purchased was the most stand out to me and surprising…it was the intense ink liner It performs the same way my clinique liquid eyeliner performs. My coworkers did not believe that a $3.00 eyeliner could compete with a $20 eyeliner but trust me it can. I’ll include a picture below of my eye makeup I did last night featuring this eyeliner and a new eye product by elf. The last product I need to brag about is the aqua beauty molten liquid eyeshadow by elf it sells for $4.00 and it works beautiful as an eyeshadow topper. I typically use a couple dark neutral colors on my lids and in the crease, blend it all out, and then add this over top, let it dry, and then do eyeliner and mascara!


I’m beyond impressed by how beautifully everything works. I spent less than $30 and got so many new products that I know i’ll use on the daily. I highly recommend going to your local walmart or target and getting a whole haul of elf products. Don’t forget elf cosmetics is one of the few cruelty free brands that is sold in drug stores!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite product is !

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Birthday weekend + First Sephora Haul !

Hello beauty lovers,

I just had the most magical birthday weekend! I turned 22 on April 30th and I spent the whole weekend with my lover and his family. We visited my favorite place as most of my followers know I absolutely love Burlington, Vermont ! We spent the day shopping at some of my favorite stores and then had dinner for the first time at ihop! I splurged quite a bit at Sephora, Kohls, and Healthy Living! Believe it or not it was my first visit to any Sephora, because when I worked in Syracuse at Ulta I never felt the need to check out Sephora. As soon as I walked into the place I immediately grabbed the new Urban Decay limited edition Jean-Michael Basquiat eyeshadow palettes, I got one of the Gold Griot palettes for myself and bought the Tenant palette for my hunnys mother whose birthday was on April 29th! I also picked up a new GlamGlow lip plumper gloss in the shade casting couch and received a free tarte blush and lip paint as a birthday gift and a deluxe bite lip crayon for a 100 reward points. Next stop was hot topic where I picked up my usual body jewelry must haves, belly rings, nose rings, etc etc. Next stop was Kohls where I found one of my favorite new makeup products by Butter London! It’s the Glazen eye gloss and it’s UHH-mazinggg. Seriously ladies, it helps to create such a beautiful stand out eye look! It goes on wet, looks metallic, and dries matte. The other products I got at Kohls was the Wake up Brow Pencil by Pur cosmetics and the Lorac pro fiber plus mascara! The only product I haven’t used much since that weekend is the brow pencil just because it doesn’t seem to have enough pigment for my taste, all the rest of the products were well worth the money! My last stop in Vermont for shops was Healthy living where I always find the coolest vegan/vegetarian/or just plain healthy treats! My favorite thing that I discovered at healthy living was a botanical soda called Still thyme botanical soda in the flavor Hibiscus Mint! After all the shopping and eating we headed back home to the outskirts of New York and spent some much needed quality time together. The following day I decorated some adorable cupcakes, blew out my birthday candles, and opened some really cute thoughtful gifts from my hunny. I always tell him that he can never go wrong with buying me makeup or cute things but I always urge him to buy me the more affordable products like Nyx cosmetics, elf, and basically anything cruelty free that’s within a good price range. I just don’t see the need to have someone else spend a fortune on me, I figure i’ll support my own makeup addiction. I’ll include a picture below of all the cute things he bought me and the drawing he drew me for my birthday as well! And the answer is yes I’m obsessed with the powerpuff girls so he bought me cute little figurines for my room, which are displayed on my shelf of cute things currently. I’d actually love to get my hands on the powerpuff girls makeup I found on Amazon to review….hopefully I’ll be able to make an order soon. But anyways overall it was a great weekend and I enjoyed being spoiled for a couple days!

As always thank you for reading my blog and letting me share my experiences.



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first impression (Etsy edition)

After my trip to Burlington Vermont a couple months ago I became intrigued with organic, vegan makeup and no I’m not referring to the big brands like Tarte. I’m talking purely about homemade all natural beauty products! There was many, many reasons I became fascinated…I mean think about the money you could save buying things that are not only more cost efficient but the products are also healthy for your skin and 100% cruelty free!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Etsy, I’ve ordered multiple times from favorite artists on the site but I had never had any experiences with buying any type of cosmetics. Luckily I discovered Christina Meade on instagram…I was immediately intrigued by her products. I followed her and sent her a quick message telling her how enamored I was by her all natural beauty products and that her store was exactly what I had been searching for. I just received the package a few days ago of RawMakeupco products, it included the cocoa bronzing powderMother of pearl illuminating drops, and the abalone lipstick. I wasn’t too sure how I’d like everything just because I loved the IDEA of the product but had never really used just an all natural product before. I was scared the illuminating drops would interfere with my very matte foundation or that the bronzer wouldn’t be the right shade but I can honestly say this is a brand that compares very closely to high end makeup competitors. I’ve never used a highlight that work so effortlessly, didn’t ruin my foundation, and looked fabulous all through my work shift.

The first product I tried was the mother of pearl illuminating drops (ivory). I simply dropped a little on my beauty blender and started applying it to my upper cheekbone area and I was very impressed not only by the blinding pigment but I was surprised that it didn’t melt my foundation right off my face (that was literally a first for me). That’s why I typically don’t use a creme or liquid highlight because it never typically agrees with my face routine and messes up my foundation no matter how much setting spray I use. The other shade of illuminating drops I received was the rose gold, it has the same effect and it is gorgeous but I have found that the ivory really gives me the glow that I want. Although I was told blending them looks quite fabulous too, so I’ll have to try that and upload a picture of that on my instagram !

The next product to try was the Abalone lipstick which is described as a dupe for Unicorn tears by too faced cosmetics. Unicorn tears retails for $22 and this lovely lipstick retails for $10 and honestly it lives up to the same hype that the original lipstick has. It has a lovely lavender/blue sheen to it and it pairs really well with a lip gloss or lip plumper. Personally, I typically use a lip plumper primer and then put the Abalone lipstick over top. I wore this to work on Wednesday and as most of my followers know I work as a beauty consultant at BonTon and as soon as I walked in my coworkers instantly noticed the new makeup and wanted to know what the lip product was, how much it is, where they can buy it, etc etc. This product is an instant hit in my book. I’ll have to make a bulk order this summer for multiples of these before I head back to college in the fall time!

Lastly I waited a day to use the bronzer just because I wasn’t sure how it would feel on my skin or how the shade would look on my skin. After my friend texted me and told me to do a quick makeup look so that I could run to the casino with her I decided since it was so hot out today I would use a nice light foundation and try this cocoa bronzer. To my surprise the shade is perfect for my skin tone and it was actually much more pigmented than i had expected for an organic product. I swiped it just below my cheek bones and on my forehead, blended it out, and then used my rose water facial spray as a setting spray. The final look was beautiful. These new products have all become instant go-to products for me in my daily makeup routine. I can’t picture myself using any other highlight or bronzer for a good long time.

RawMakeupco is a brand all beauty lovers should look into and support. The products are incredible and very affordable. It’s one of many hidden gems I was lucky enough to stumble upon. I can’t wait to see this brand grow and I am excited to see what other products are created in the near future!

(Note: Christina Meade is on vacation until May 23rd so no order can be made until after that time but it gives everyone a chance to save a little pocket change and make a little investment in a brand that is worth so much! You will love the products I promise)






22 & stressed

For once I won’t be gushing about cosmetic products in this post. I’ve been overwhelmed with the adult world lately…and not in like a porn “adult world” way but in a “oh my god I work all the time and pay too many bills” way! Ever since I chose to withdraw from my third semester at FMCC I got thrown straight into the real world. I’ve worked a total of 4 different retail/sales jobs, making minimum wage at most. I had to learn how to file taxes, make college payments, and just recently learned how overwhelming owning a credit card can be. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m an impulsive buyer and stress shopper..why can’t I just be a stress eater like the majority of other girls I know!? On top of the realization that I need to learn how to be a savvy shopper and also need to learn the money saving skills on the level of Mr. Krabs (because every penny matters), I’ve also come to realize I need to get back on that higher education path. So now I’m in the predicament of trying to figure out what college I should go to or rather if i should go back to my original college I was attending and what major should I study. And as I process all these possibilities I’m also thinking of how much more debt this will put me in. I also know that I was quite happy for a good majority of my college time…I never really stressed too much..I never partied..and I also met some incredible people who I miss dearly. I feel like I have endless paths in front of me and I have no idea which one is the right one to take and if any of them connect to another possible path. I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t picture myself being happy working as an esthetician  or a makeup artist but I’d also being lying if I said I didn’t picture myself working as a Dietitian or writing a book about living your young adulthood as a vegetarian and rookie animal rights activist. You might be wondering what caused this spur of the moment serious topic, it all occurred to me when I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a video with celebrities talking about the laws of attraction and how what we put out into the world is what we attract and what we visualize having in our lives or wanting is what we eventually receive. It made so much sense and really made me think deeply about what I want and also how I want to be received. I don’t really want to be the negative lost girl anymore, I want to be that beaming, positive personality..that person that is sure of themselves and is happy with their life. I’d really like to get to that point.

thank you for all the support. I will be updating you guys as much as possible.

P.S. a new beauty post will be posted very soon about a lovely little haul I got from a natural beauty brand on etsy!

Also please please comment below if you can relate or if you don’t mind this content along with my beauty posts



Makeup addict problems.

I must say ever since I got my first job working as a beauty advisor at Ulta in a big majestic mall in New york my bank account has been kind of lacking. Although I still buy drug store makeup on occasion my eyes have been opened to some of the more luxurious brands and I’ve just fallen in love with it all. At this point in time I have enough eyeshadow to last me years and years but as a true makeup guru and collector I always find new products that I want and typically end up buying. Even with the free gratis I get from working for my specific makeup brand I still feel the need to literally just try everything that looks appealing. It’s a real fucking struggle. I am in the process of trying to budget more and trying to slow down with buying everything but at the same rate cosmetics just make me so happy. I am applying back to college though so I won’t have as much extra to spend on the goodies but I assure you I will still be testing new products, buying when I can, and posting tutorials even after I leave my beauty advisor position!

My first beauty conference

I’m not sure what the proper term is for the little “conference” I attended in Rochester, I believe it’s referred to as a “class” but that terminology didn’t seem proper enough for this event. I pictured a large banquet hall full of intimidatingly professional women and beautiful makeup artists gossiping with each other about how out of place the new girls look. Now don’t get me wrong it was indeed a room full of beautiful women but I wasn’t intimidated. In fact, was welcomed with open arms into a cozy room full of classy, beautiful, kind women! It was very reminiscent of what I would imagine it feels like to have a little get together every 10 years to see your old college pals. There was lots of hugs and laughing among the women. I was immediately greeted by my representative for Elizabeth Arden (I won’t list names for privacy reasons). I received a new uniform, was told to help myself to a large breakfast buffet in the corner of the room, and was seated with a couple other newer counter managers. I’m beyond happy I was seated with these two other girls because I really connected with them both and I don’t think I would have felt as comfortable sitting with some of the other beautiful strangers. There was only four other girls there that were around my age everyone else was 40’s and above, I think I preferred that a little more than the alternative though, honestly. Our trainer was a very informative male make up artist who kept my attention the entire time because he’s very entertaining and personable. We learned all about the new products that just dropped this year including a lovely perfume (White tea), New Eye shadows (comparable to Urban Decay), a new conditioning mascara, a beautiful contour palette, and many other products that are our top sellers along with products that haven’t even been released yet! The whole experience is nothing short of amazing. Although driving from my house all the way to Rochester is quite the hike it really was worth the trip. Not only was my hotel room paid for for me but I was given a gift card for dinner at a local restaurant, met new friends, and got new full sized products to try for free. We also were treated to a little tea party and nice lunch featuring the most delicious lemon squares I’ve ever had in my life…did I mention this whole conference was at the Marriott and catered by the Marriott. Everything was very high class and fancy. I feel lucky to work for such an incredible company and I can’t wait to do a makeup tutorial soon doing my full face with only Elizabeth Arden products. I know a lot of people that live in my area aren’t too familiar with this popular brand but I can assure everyone that the products are amazing, especially the new detox mask that’s being released in May! It completely sold out a couple weeks ago on HSN and on top of that, I can tell you ever since I’ve been using it my acne cleared up, my skin looks radiant (Truly), and my pores have shrunk believe it or not. But i’ll discuss the products more in another post. For now I’d just like to say I enjoyed the little adventure and I made a couple good friends along the way. I can’t wait for the next trip!

Til next time




Life update

Hello fellow bloggers,

I’m happy to say that I think things are really starting to fall into place. I’m still working part-time as a beauty advisor, hopefully getting promoted to full-time eventually! I really love working with customers to help find what makes them feel the most confident and beautiful. I also have began road tripping at least once a month to see my lovely artist love interest, who I would describe as being my other half for about two years now. We live a couple hours from eachother so visits have to be planned out a bit but I’m happy to finally be able to make the trips myself. I also have a big seminar coming up for the cosmetic brand that I work for and will be driving all the way to Rochester! It is going to be a completely new experience and I can’t wait to see what other opportunities are given to me this year! I’ve also reached out to some small business owners, people who create organic makeup and skincare to see about testing out products to review for you guys! I’ve heard back from one very sweet lady who owns her own makeup brand called “RAWmakeupco” you can find her shop on etsy. I hope to review her products very soon! Other than that I’ve been thinking about creating my own etsy shop…that probably won’t happen until summer time, more than likely or fall but I have some really neat ideas for a cute little store.

Also fellow beauty bloggers, if you would ever be interested in a collab or doing a cosmetics exchange (kind of a like a pen pal situation but with fun products) just comment below or contact me on my instagram!

Let me know what you think!



Cruelty-free & absolutely beautiful

Good afternoon loves!

Just recently I finally found the palette of my dreams! No exaggeration there, I literally have been wanting it since the beginning of February! It’s the limited edition dreamworks Trolls palette by PUR cosmetics. It sells for $29 at Kohls (in case anyone is interested in finding one). I knew I would love it but I honestly didn’t think it would compare to my Sweet peach palette by Too Faced, which I had paid $50 for. Of course I do love every palette I currently own, especially the sweet peach but let me tell you why THIS palette is more than worth the money.


There are 16 beautiful shades. Close to half of the palette is neutral colors and the other half are high pigment bright colors. There’s a vivid hot pink color called “Poppy”, a stunning orange shade called “DJ suki”, and a pretty maroon color called “Pop icon”. Those are just a few of the unique colors. The neutral colors such as karma, sparkledust, and hugger I use almost daily to make a brown smokey eye look! Each shade is rich with pigment, easy to blend, and long lasting! Another lovely fact about this high quality brand and product is that it is completely cruelty free…which is always a winning factor in my book! 

If you have a kohls nearby I highly recommend buying this product before they sell out. So far it is my most used eyeshadow palette. I can’t wait to use it in a few upcoming tutorials for you guys!

As always, thank you for checking out my blog



Vermont inspired me

Good afternoon loves!

It has been far too long since my last blog update. I apologize…I’ve been busy focusing on making my pre-sell & gift goals at work. I finally have some free time though to tell you about some new discoveries and new endeavors!

I just recently made a trip to one of my favorite locations, Burlington, Vermont. Burlington and Shelburne are two perfect places for finding cute little local shops. I discovered multiple natural beauty brands and large quantities of delicious vegan/organic/gluten free goodies. As most of you guys know, I’ve been vegetarian & milk free for almost two years now so I’m very taken with any neat vegetarian or vegan products. I found a matcha latte at healthy living that is dairy free and it’s literally heaven in a bottle! But anyways, back to talking about local, organic makeup and skincare brands. I was inspired when I saw not only the cutest packaging for a skincare line called “Beeline skincare” but also as I read up on the products I fell in love! Honey was the main ingredient in most of the products (hence the name) and if you didn’t already know honey is FULL of antioxidants…your skin loves honey (trust me)! This “beeline skincare” brand has officially landed on my radar and I plan on trying the whole line and either posting a video or blog review on what I think once I’ve tested it all out. The second brand I discovered was at healthy living and it’s called “Mineral fusion”…definitely search their site if you love organic, paraben free makeup! I was tempted to buy it all but I was on a budget so I will be ordering some products soon but in the mean time I have some other exciting projects to focus on! Vermont inspired me to stop spending the majority of my money on heavily advertised makeup brands and to start focusing on local, cruelty free, and organic products. I can’t wait to introduce everyone to some new, exciting products!

Thank you for checking in! (enjoy some cute pictures from my Vermont trip below)



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