elf is slowly becoming a favorite

Hello lovelies,

I’m the first to admit that I tend to have an expensive taste in makeup, especially high end cruelty free+vegan beauty products. Just recently I went to Walmart quick after work to pick up a set of drawers to start organizing my makeup with. While I was there I quickly browsed the makeup aisle and found a handful of elf cosmetic products that I couldn’t wait to try! I opened them all up that night and started testing….to my surprise I loved every single product I had bought!


As you can see in the picture I also picked up the new Wet n Wild photofocus foundation to see if it lives up to the reviews. I’ll briefly describe some of my favorites that I bought here and I’ll include links as well, in case you’d like to try them out for yourself. I’ll start with the lip exfoliator’s I bought the original brown sugar lip exfoliator  (pictured on the far left) and mint maniac exfoliator they retail for $3.00 and work just as good as the lush lip scrubs. I’ve found that I am quite partial to the brown sugar one but they also make 5 other ones (coconut, mint, rose, grapefruit, & cherry). The second product I purchased was the most stand out to me and surprising…it was the intense ink liner It performs the same way my clinique liquid eyeliner performs. My coworkers did not believe that a $3.00 eyeliner could compete with a $20 eyeliner but trust me it can. I’ll include a picture below of my eye makeup I did last night featuring this eyeliner and a new eye product by elf. The last product I need to brag about is the aqua beauty molten liquid eyeshadow by elf it sells for $4.00 and it works beautiful as an eyeshadow topper. I typically use a couple dark neutral colors on my lids and in the crease, blend it all out, and then add this over top, let it dry, and then do eyeliner and mascara!


I’m beyond impressed by how beautifully everything works. I spent less than $30 and got so many new products that I know i’ll use on the daily. I highly recommend going to your local walmart or target and getting a whole haul of elf products. Don’t forget elf cosmetics is one of the few cruelty free brands that is sold in drug stores!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite product is !


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  1. That eyeshadow is gorgeous! I’m always conscious though that liquid eyeshadows will crease, did you find this happened? Great review by the way 🙂

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