first impression (Etsy edition)

After my trip to Burlington Vermont a couple months ago I became intrigued with organic, vegan makeup and no I’m not referring to the big brands like Tarte. I’m talking purely about homemade all natural beauty products! There was many, many reasons I became fascinated…I mean think about the money you could save buying things that are not only more cost efficient but the products are also healthy for your skin and 100% cruelty free!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Etsy, I’ve ordered multiple times from favorite artists on the site but I had never had any experiences with buying any type of cosmetics. Luckily I discovered Christina Meade on instagram…I was immediately intrigued by her products. I followed her and sent her a quick message telling her how enamored I was by her all natural beauty products and that her store was exactly what I had been searching for. I just received the package a few days ago of RawMakeupco products, it included the cocoa bronzing powderMother of pearl illuminating drops, and the abalone lipstick. I wasn’t too sure how I’d like everything just because I loved the IDEA of the product but had never really used just an all natural product before. I was scared the illuminating drops would interfere with my very matte foundation or that the bronzer wouldn’t be the right shade but I can honestly say this is a brand that compares very closely to high end makeup competitors. I’ve never used a highlight that work so effortlessly, didn’t ruin my foundation, and looked fabulous all through my work shift.

The first product I tried was the mother of pearl illuminating drops (ivory). I simply dropped a little on my beauty blender and started applying it to my upper cheekbone area and I was very impressed not only by the blinding pigment but I was surprised that it didn’t melt my foundation right off my face (that was literally a first for me). That’s why I typically don’t use a creme or liquid highlight because it never typically agrees with my face routine and messes up my foundation no matter how much setting spray I use. The other shade of illuminating drops I received was the rose gold, it has the same effect and it is gorgeous but I have found that the ivory really gives me the glow that I want. Although I was told blending them looks quite fabulous too, so I’ll have to try that and upload a picture of that on my instagram !

The next product to try was the Abalone lipstick which is described as a dupe for Unicorn tears by too faced cosmetics. Unicorn tears retails for $22 and this lovely lipstick retails for $10 and honestly it lives up to the same hype that the original lipstick has. It has a lovely lavender/blue sheen to it and it pairs really well with a lip gloss or lip plumper. Personally, I typically use a lip plumper primer and then put the Abalone lipstick over top. I wore this to work on Wednesday and as most of my followers know I work as a beauty consultant at BonTon and as soon as I walked in my coworkers instantly noticed the new makeup and wanted to know what the lip product was, how much it is, where they can buy it, etc etc. This product is an instant hit in my book. I’ll have to make a bulk order this summer for multiples of these before I head back to college in the fall time!

Lastly I waited a day to use the bronzer just because I wasn’t sure how it would feel on my skin or how the shade would look on my skin. After my friend texted me and told me to do a quick makeup look so that I could run to the casino with her I decided since it was so hot out today I would use a nice light foundation and try this cocoa bronzer. To my surprise the shade is perfect for my skin tone and it was actually much more pigmented than i had expected for an organic product. I swiped it just below my cheek bones and on my forehead, blended it out, and then used my rose water facial spray as a setting spray. The final look was beautiful. These new products have all become instant go-to products for me in my daily makeup routine. I can’t picture myself using any other highlight or bronzer for a good long time.

RawMakeupco is a brand all beauty lovers should look into and support. The products are incredible and very affordable. It’s one of many hidden gems I was lucky enough to stumble upon. I can’t wait to see this brand grow and I am excited to see what other products are created in the near future!

(Note: Christina Meade is on vacation until May 23rd so no order can be made until after that time but it gives everyone a chance to save a little pocket change and make a little investment in a brand that is worth so much! You will love the products I promise)







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