22 & stressed

For once I won’t be gushing about cosmetic products in this post. I’ve been overwhelmed with the adult world lately…and not in like a porn “adult world” way but in a “oh my god I work all the time and pay too many bills” way! Ever since I chose to withdraw from my third semester at FMCC I got thrown straight into the real world. I’ve worked a total of 4 different retail/sales jobs, making minimum wage at most. I had to learn how to file taxes, make college payments, and just recently learned how overwhelming owning a credit card can be. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m an impulsive buyer and stress shopper..why can’t I just be a stress eater like the majority of other girls I know!? On top of the realization that I need to learn how to be a savvy shopper and also need to learn the money saving skills on the level of Mr. Krabs (because every penny matters), I’ve also come to realize I need to get back on that higher education path. So now I’m in the predicament of trying to figure out what college I should go to or rather if i should go back to my original college I was attending and what major should I study. And as I process all these possibilities I’m also thinking of how much more debt this will put me in. I also know that I was quite happy for a good majority of my college time…I never really stressed too much..I never partied..and I also met some incredible people who I miss dearly. I feel like I have endless paths in front of me and I have no idea which one is the right one to take and if any of them connect to another possible path. I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t picture myself being happy working as an esthetician  or a makeup artist but I’d also being lying if I said I didn’t picture myself working as a Dietitian or writing a book about living your young adulthood as a vegetarian and rookie animal rights activist. You might be wondering what caused this spur of the moment serious topic, it all occurred to me when I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a video with celebrities talking about the laws of attraction and how what we put out into the world is what we attract and what we visualize having in our lives or wanting is what we eventually receive. It made so much sense and really made me think deeply about what I want and also how I want to be received. I don’t really want to be the negative lost girl anymore, I want to be that beaming, positive personality..that person that is sure of themselves and is happy with their life. I’d really like to get to that point.

thank you for all the support. I will be updating you guys as much as possible.

P.S. a new beauty post will be posted very soon about a lovely little haul I got from a natural beauty brand on etsy!

Also please please comment below if you can relate or if you don’t mind this content along with my beauty posts




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  1. A degree will be so worth it in the end, you can do it. No matter how much debt you go in, an education is never a bad idea (especially if you want to get out of retail- we’ve all been there). I love seeing these posts along with beauty ❤️

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