Makeup addict problems.

I must say ever since I got my first job working as a beauty advisor at Ulta in a big majestic mall in New york my bank account has been kind of lacking. Although I still buy drug store makeup on occasion my eyes have been opened to some of the more luxurious brands and I’ve just fallen in love with it all. At this point in time I have enough eyeshadow to last me years and years but as a true makeup guru and collector I always find new products that I want and typically end up buying. Even with the free gratis I get from working for my specific makeup brand I still feel the need to literally just try everything that looks appealing. It’s a real fucking struggle. I am in the process of trying to budget more and trying to slow down with buying everything but at the same rate cosmetics just make me so happy. I am applying back to college though so I won’t have as much extra to spend on the goodies but I assure you I will still be testing new products, buying when I can, and posting tutorials even after I leave my beauty advisor position!


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