Birthday weekend + First Sephora Haul !

Hello beauty lovers,

I just had the most magical birthday weekend! I turned 22 on April 30th and I spent the whole weekend with my lover and his family. We visited my favorite place as most of my followers know I absolutely love Burlington, Vermont ! We spent the day shopping at some of my favorite stores and then had dinner for the first time at ihop! I splurged quite a bit at Sephora, Kohls, and Healthy Living! Believe it or not it was my first visit to any Sephora, because when I worked in Syracuse at Ulta I never felt the need to check out Sephora. As soon as I walked into the place I immediately grabbed the new Urban Decay limited edition Jean-Michael Basquiat eyeshadow palettes, I got one of the Gold Griot palettes for myself and bought the Tenant palette for my hunnys mother whose birthday was on April 29th! I also picked up a new GlamGlow lip plumper gloss in the shade casting couch and received a free tarte blush and lip paint as a birthday gift and a deluxe bite lip crayon for a 100 reward points. Next stop was hot topic where I picked up my usual body jewelry must haves, belly rings, nose rings, etc etc. Next stop was Kohls where I found one of my favorite new makeup products by Butter London! It’s the Glazen eye gloss and it’s UHH-mazinggg. Seriously ladies, it helps to create such a beautiful stand out eye look! It goes on wet, looks metallic, and dries matte. The other products I got at Kohls was the Wake up Brow Pencil by Pur cosmetics and the Lorac pro fiber plus mascara! The only product I haven’t used much since that weekend is the brow pencil just because it doesn’t seem to have enough pigment for my taste, all the rest of the products were well worth the money! My last stop in Vermont for shops was Healthy living where I always find the coolest vegan/vegetarian/or just plain healthy treats! My favorite thing that I discovered at healthy living was a botanical soda called Still thyme botanical soda in the flavor Hibiscus Mint! After all the shopping and eating we headed back home to the outskirts of New York and spent some much needed quality time together. The following day I decorated some adorable cupcakes, blew out my birthday candles, and opened some really cute thoughtful gifts from my hunny. I always tell him that he can never go wrong with buying me makeup or cute things but I always urge him to buy me the more affordable products like Nyx cosmetics, elf, and basically anything cruelty free that’s within a good price range. I just don’t see the need to have someone else spend a fortune on me, I figure i’ll support my own makeup addiction. I’ll include a picture below of all the cute things he bought me and the drawing he drew me for my birthday as well! And the answer is yes I’m obsessed with the powerpuff girls so he bought me cute little figurines for my room, which are displayed on my shelf of cute things currently. I’d actually love to get my hands on the powerpuff girls makeup I found on Amazon to review….hopefully I’ll be able to make an order soon. But anyways overall it was a great weekend and I enjoyed being spoiled for a couple days!

As always thank you for reading my blog and letting me share my experiences.





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  1. That teapot is adorable! I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award!! Check out my post to see how to complete your bit xx


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