My first beauty conference

I’m not sure what the proper term is for the little “conference” I attended in Rochester, I believe it’s referred to as a “class” but that terminology didn’t seem proper enough for this event. I pictured a large banquet hall full of intimidatingly professional women and beautiful makeup artists gossiping with each other about how out of place the new girls look. Now don’t get me wrong it was indeed a room full of beautiful women but I wasn’t intimidated. In fact, was welcomed with open arms into a cozy room full of classy, beautiful, kind women! It was very reminiscent of what I would imagine it feels like to have a little get together every 10 years to see your old college pals. There was lots of hugs and laughing among the women. I was immediately greeted by my representative for Elizabeth Arden (I won’t list names for privacy reasons). I received a new uniform, was told to help myself to a large breakfast buffet in the corner of the room, and was seated with a couple other newer counter managers. I’m beyond happy I was seated with these two other girls because I really connected with them both and I don’t think I would have felt as comfortable sitting with some of the other beautiful strangers. There was only four other girls there that were around my age everyone else was 40’s and above, I think I preferred that a little more than the alternative though, honestly. Our trainer was a very informative male make up artist who kept my attention the entire time because he’s very entertaining and personable. We learned all about the new products that just dropped this year including a lovely perfume (White tea), New Eye shadows (comparable to Urban Decay), a new conditioning mascara, a beautiful contour palette, and many other products that are our top sellers along with products that haven’t even been released yet! The whole experience is nothing short of amazing. Although driving from my house all the way to Rochester is quite the hike it really was worth the trip. Not only was my hotel room paid for for me but I was given a gift card for dinner at a local restaurant, met new friends, and got new full sized products to try for free. We also were treated to a little tea party and nice lunch featuring the most delicious lemon squares I’ve ever had in my life…did I mention this whole conference was at the Marriott and catered by the Marriott. Everything was very high class and fancy. I feel lucky to work for such an incredible company and I can’t wait to do a makeup tutorial soon doing my full face with only Elizabeth Arden products. I know a lot of people that live in my area aren’t too familiar with this popular brand but I can assure everyone that the products are amazing, especially the new detox mask that’s being released in May! It completely sold out a couple weeks ago on HSN and on top of that, I can tell you ever since I’ve been using it my acne cleared up, my skin looks radiant (Truly), and my pores have shrunk believe it or not. But i’ll discuss the products more in another post. For now I’d just like to say I enjoyed the little adventure and I made a couple good friends along the way. I can’t wait for the next trip!

Til next time





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