Life update

Hello fellow bloggers,

I’m happy to say that I think things are really starting to fall into place. I’m still working part-time as a beauty advisor, hopefully getting promoted to full-time eventually! I really love working with customers to help find what makes them feel the most confident and beautiful. I also have began road tripping at least once a month to see my lovely artist love interest, who I would describe as being my other half for about two years now. We live a couple hours from eachother so visits have to be planned out a bit but I’m happy to finally be able to make the trips myself. I also have a big seminar coming up for the cosmetic brand that I work for and will be driving all the way to Rochester! It is going to be a completely new experience and I can’t wait to see what other opportunities are given to me this year! I’ve also reached out to some small business owners, people who create organic makeup and skincare to see about testing out products to review for you guys! I’ve heard back from one very sweet lady who owns her own makeup brand called “RAWmakeupco” you can find her shop on etsy. I hope to review her products very soon! Other than that I’ve been thinking about creating my own etsy shop…that probably won’t happen until summer time, more than likely or fall but I have some really neat ideas for a cute little store.

Also fellow beauty bloggers, if you would ever be interested in a collab or doing a cosmetics exchange (kind of a like a pen pal situation but with fun products) just comment below or contact me on my instagram!

Let me know what you think!




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