Limited edition Trolls Palette review

Good afternoon loves!

Just recently I finally found the palette of my dreams! No exaggeration there, I literally have been wanting it since the beginning of February! It’s the limited edition dreamworks Trolls palette by PUR cosmetics. It sells for $29 at Kohls (in case anyone is interested in finding one). I knew I would love it but I honestly didn’t think it would compare to my Sweet peach palette by Too Faced, which I had paid $50 for. Of course I do love every palette I currently own, especially the sweet peach but let me tell you why THIS palette is more than worth the money.


There are 16 beautiful shades. Close to half of the palette is neutral colors and the other half are high pigment bright colors. There’s a vivid hot pink color called “Poppy”, a stunning orange shade called “DJ suki”, and a pretty maroon color called “Pop icon”. Those are just a few of the unique colors. The neutral colors such as karma, sparkledust, and hugger I use almost daily to make a brown smokey eye look! Each shade is rich with pigment, easy to blend, and long lasting! Another lovely fact about this high quality brand and product is that it is completely cruelty free…which is always a winning factor in my book! 

If you have a kohls nearby I highly recommend buying this product before they sell out. So far it is my most used eyeshadow palette. I can’t wait to use it in a few upcoming tutorials for you guys!

As always, thank you for checking out my blog




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