Vermont inspired me

Good afternoon loves!

It has been far too long since my last blog update. I apologize…I’ve been busy focusing on making my pre-sell & gift goals at work. I finally have some free time though to tell you about some new discoveries and new endeavors!

I just recently made a trip to one of my favorite locations, Burlington, Vermont. Burlington and Shelburne are two perfect places for finding cute little local shops. I discovered multiple natural beauty brands and large quantities of delicious vegan/organic/gluten free goodies. As most of you guys know, I’ve been vegetarian & milk free for almost two years now so I’m very taken with any neat vegetarian or vegan products. I found a matcha latte at healthy living that is dairy free and it’s literally heaven in a bottle! But anyways, back to talking about local, organic makeup and skincare brands. I was inspired when I saw not only the cutest packaging for a skincare line called “Beeline skincare” but also as I read up on the products I fell in love! Honey was the main ingredient in most of the products (hence the name) and if you didn’t already know honey is FULL of antioxidants…your skin loves honey (trust me)! This “beeline skincare” brand has officially landed on my radar and I plan on trying the whole line and either posting a video or blog review on what I think once I’ve tested it all out. The second brand I discovered was at healthy living and it’s called “Mineral fusion”…definitely search their site if you love organic, paraben free makeup! I was tempted to buy it all but I was on a budget so I will be ordering some products soon but in the mean time I have some other exciting projects to focus on! Vermont inspired me to stop spending the majority of my money on heavily advertised makeup brands and to start focusing on local, cruelty free, and organic products. I can’t wait to introduce everyone to some new, exciting products!

Thank you for checking in! (enjoy some cute pictures from my Vermont trip below)




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