New Year, New makeup.

Hello everyone and Happy New year !

I would just like to quickly apologize for my lack of writing last year. 2016 was a year of immense change for me. I went from living in a suburb outside of Syracuse working at Ulta in Destiny Mall (A job which I loved very much) to moving back home in June and picking up a job at zoom tan. My time was consumed with all things tanning related, I had very few days off, and no extra time for anything makeup related. After leaving my job at zoom tan at the end of October I was lucky enough to get a job as a cosmetics & Fragrance consultant at Bonton, also known as the part time beauty advisor for Elizabeth Arden. I began working towards the end of November and I absolutely love it. Now that I work in an environment with people that love makeup as much as I do I have constant inspiration for new looks and I’m always learning new tips and techniques!

One big change for this year though, that I’m not too proud of, is that I am no longer only using cruelty free makeup products. As everyone knows a good majority of cosmetics are still tested on animals unfortunately. Most companies do not allow it to be done in the United States but any companies that sell in China, by law, have to test their products on our little furry friends. There are only a few makeup brands that I use that can’t call themselves cruelty free but I strive to eventually gravitate towards only using vegan and cruelty free products as I was before. I will always try my best to recommend cruelty free skin care and makeup first but for the time being I will also review products that come from companies who sell in China. If preferred I will write separate articles for each kind of product. Just know that my goal is to eventually make the pledge to use products that only come from animal friendly brands..I am a proud vegetarian and hope to also be a supporter of all animal rights!

I plan on blogging much more frequently for the next few months. I have a whole vanity full of brand new products to review and recommend to everyone. I also have two boxes of products I just ordered from Ulta beauty which are in transit to my house! I can’t wait to review everything and come up with some new looks.

As always I welcome everyone to follow me on my journey this year.I hope to have many exciting things to share!





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