What does makeup mean to you?

What does makeup mean to you? To some people makeup means security, comfort, and of course beauty, which I’ll admit all those apply to me as well. But when I really sit and think about why I love cosmetics so much it comes down to makeup being a creative outlet for me. With the stresses of everyday adulthood I’ve found that even on the worst days sitting down and trying out some new products or trying a new look inspired by something beautiful I’ve seen recently literally puts a smile on face. Some people will argue that wearing makeup all the time is bad for your self esteem as they believe that it hinders that individuals ability to love themselves but as long as you’re wearing makeup for yourself and not for others it’s really an empowering feeling and great for your confidence. My makeup and piercings are a part of who I am but I love myself just as much without the strategically drawn wings on my eyelids, just as you should love yourselves.






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